DOTS2 – Introducing the Argentinean fandom

Argentinean fandom is small yet, compared to other countries in the region, it’s gradually gaining spaces in anime conventions and such, thanks to the number of fans slowly growing. In the past year the fandom has grown in every way.

The Korean Wave hit Argentina back in 2007. TVXQ was one of the main reasons, even though there were fans before this time. When the wave grew stronger, the first fan events were organized. Through TVXQ, the people became interested in other Kpop bands, too. However, TVXQ fans were still the majority among Kpop fans.

The fandom is heterogeneous. There are people from different economic and academic levels, regions and ages. The biggest concentration is in the city of Buenos Aires, where most fan events take place. The increasing number of fans can be seen in those events and also in online forums.

Argentinean fans are fun: we have an odd sense of humor, sometimes we are sarcastic, sometimes we are mean – in a friendly way – sometimes we are very sweet. Despite this, we are able to sit and talk seriously and leave our differences behind when organizing projects. Projects include CD/DVD ordering projects or surveys, especially national ones, to promote TVXQ or give them a win, making people know who they are.

Above everything else, Argentinean fans are passionate; we may not always be together in everything but we definitely agree when it comes to loving and protecting JYJ. We are connected; we feel the same about them with the same strength, that’s all we need to know. That kind of bond is really hard to find and make, we have it and we love it.

Our major local fan sites are the ones most fans go to get information and meet each other. Sites like My Destiny and Pentagram, dedicated exclusively to TVXQ/JYJ, are always working to promote the boys and to organize fan events and multiple projects. Also Xiahpop informs us about the Kpop world and is always very up-to-date.

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