DOTS2 – Introducing the Malay fandom

I am proud to be a Malaysian Cassiopeia. ❤

Malaysian Cassiopeia was officially created back in 2006 – the year that DBSK held their first International tour in Malaysia. Stadium Bukit Jalil was chosen as the venue of that grand concert, as well as for the second Asian tour concert in the following year.

Malaysian Cassies are basically just like other Cassies around the globe: we promise to always keep the faith! So what makes our country's fandom special? The fact that Malaysian Cassies are all of different ethnicities, race, & religion, is something of which I must say that I am proud. As known worldwide, Malaysia is a multi-racial country, which explains why we have Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sikh, Iban, and Kadazan-Dusun Cassies. These are just some of the examples of the many races & ethnicities of Malaysian Cassies. All of us, regardless of our different cultures & beliefs, united as one, under the name of Malaysian Cassiopeia.

When Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu decided to sue SM due to the slave contract, I personally believed most of Malaysian Cassies fully supported the boys' decision. The fact that this meant leaving Yunho and Changmin, to be honest, shattered our hearts into pieces. However, we believe JYJ knows very well indeed what they are doing & they are truly innocent people.

17th October 2010 was the most memorable day of Malaysian Cassies, I must say! We were given the golden opportunity to see JYJ perform live for their Malaysian showcase. ❤ It was such an unforgettable day for all of us – as Malaysian Cassies – for finally God granted our wishes to see JYJ perform here in Malaysia. The day was truly a special day for all Malaysian Cassies to fully shows them our never-ending, everlasting, and undeniable love & passion we had for them. We even did quite a number of fanchants during the showcase, not mentioning all the banners that were made by Malaysian Cassies^^! It was such an indescribable feeling to once again get to see the red ocean of Malaysian Cassies in the Stadium Merdeka. Malaysian Cassies even donated USD $10,000 to World Vision under JYJ's name! =) This shows that we are not only concerned & care about our favorite idol, JYJ, but also, we care about the unfortunate people around us. ^^

Speaking of the fandom, there are actually quite a lot of TVXQ fans here. However, most of us keep it to ourselves. Thanks to JYJ joining Twitter, a lot of fans followed suit. ^^ The fans have also joined Facebook, which also serves as a platform for fans to get to know each other better. =)

In Malaysia, there is an official TVXQ fanclub. This fanclub aways organizes gatherings for TVXQ fans. Most of them are still One True 5 (OT5) fans. Now, moving to the largest site for Kpop fans, I'm extremely certain all of us know. The no.1 Kpop source in international Kpop fandom is probably AllKpop. Sorry to say this, but this site sometimes provides false or biased information.

There are also other international fansites like SharingYoochun (SYC) and DBSKnights. Personally, I've yet to see any Malaysian based fansite for JYJ or TVXQ. Most of the sites out there are probably just personal blogs.

The fanbase in Malaysia is basically unstructured, probably because we are new compared to fandoms of China & Japan. From my perspective, we are limited in the number of ways we can reach out to each other! Small camps of fans are here and there, scattered!

To tell you the truth, I have been a passive fan all this time due to personal commitment issues, but I guess that was about to change now^^! Recently, I joined Twitter and found other JYJ fans as well. =) Thanks to the Internet, specifically the social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, the fandom is growing day by day. I personally hope those Malaysian Cassiopeia out there will not be easily influenced by all the rumors and jump into false conclusion. I truly hope everyone out there – most importantly Cassiopeia – will never make any accusation about the JYJ boys nor bash them!

In short, I am proud Malaysian Cassiopeia & I promise to Always Keep The Faith for JYJ ❤

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