DOTS2 – Introducing the Mexican fandom

Hello, international fans!
Please let me give you a taste of the fandom in Mexico.

Most fans, with whom I have spoken to, agree that they encountered the five-membered TVXQ (TVXQact1) through videos, a song they heard in a drama, a film, an anime series, or a friend who said, “Hey! Listen to this group – they are great.” The “Mirotic” season was perhaps the period which attracted more fans, enchanted by its attractive video. After listening to their songs, the fans ran for information about the group and each of the boys. That’s how many of us began to become fans of TVXQact1.

Fans regularly collect information about TVXQact1/JYJ activities and individual activities from Kpop forums, sites, or webpages. While those who know some English go straight to the sources in that language (the most popular are English-language websites), however, we must mention that there are many pages in Spanish that are well known. It is in those sources that we get information and, of course not forgetting Twitter and YouTube.

Mexico is a land that you can say is fairly big. However, the Mexicans have very small sites. Most Mexican fans are members of forums and pages of other Latin American countries or abroad. Our country’s fans have no place where we can go to read notes in distinctly Mexican, perhaps due to the great disunity in the country. Their fanclub’s small difference of opinion, in regard to organizations and leaders, is a factor that does not allow a larger union.

Although JYJ/ TVXQact1 do not have activities in our country and although the fans have never seen a live concert, we unconditionally support them. Even our differences are nothing when it comes to showing our love. Mexico joins a just, strong red beating heart. Even though we know it is very possible that the boys are unaware of a country so distant from their side of the world which is full of fans waiting faithfully and full of support, here we are always willing to continue demonstrating our affection and gratitude for them.

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