DOTS16 – JYJ DOTS International Translator Recruitment

Attention JYJ fans:

JYJ DOTS International ( is in need of committed translators to join our growing network. In order to better provide for the needs of international fans and to continue supporting JYJ, we are asking for
your help.

All language translators, except for Chinese and Spanish, are now being recruited.
Our activities are based in English, so English speaking ability is a must.

Our History:

JYJ DOTS International was formed in January 2011 when it became apparent to a Korean fan that international fans experience a lack of information due to language barriers and poor communication between fans from other countries. This miscommunication leave fans vulnerable to rumors, and surprisingly disparate fandom views are seen among fans around the world. To address these issues, approximately 30 international fans promised to translate honestly and spread correct information in hopes of being a reliable source of JYJ news to everyone.


If you are interested in helping to bring unity to the JYJ fandom
and are willing to translate, please email
with the subject header “Translator recruitment,” and include your name,
age, country, and language(s) you can speak. Then, application form
will be sent to you. Please be aware that there will be screening process
for all DOTS members. We look forward to your reply!


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One Response to DOTS16 – JYJ DOTS International Translator Recruitment

  1. hump… so no spanish speakers needed?
    Está bien

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