DOTS20 – Information about JYJ’s Health check-up for military service

On Valentine’s Day, JYJ went for health check-up for military service and here is collection of related information.

1. 11/02/14 MMA Staff Twitter Account

Today, Yoochun and Junsu came to the Military Manpower Adminstration for their medical examination.

I don’t usually pay attention to male idols, so I didn’t think much about it.

Upon further observation, (I realised that) they were really different from other artists, and people who appear at performances. Not only were they friendly, but humble as well. They were smiling as they signed autographs for the other students that were going for the medical examination, and chatted with the students beside them.

After the medical examination was over, they smiled and said goodbye to each of the staff in a friendly manner, showing me a whole new side to artists.

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2. About The Health check-up for military service in Korea

All of the Korean male has the obligation to serve in the military. Generally they get the notice for health check-up for military service when they become 19~20 years old. And then they take the check-up. So our boys took it very late. Anyway they were classified 5-grade by their health conditions. The men who were given 1~3rd grade will become the soldier in active service. And the men who were given 4th grade will become public service workers. The men who were given 5th grade will be exempted, Men who were given 5th grade are generally disabled or patients to have troubles in their daily life. But our boys can’t be the man who is exempted.

They’ll have to receive a basic miltary training for 4~6 weeks although they got the exemption. It is the the obligation of the Korean men.

And I can’t predict when they enter the service. But what is not in doubt is the fact that they have to enter the service within 2~4 years by the military service law.

On average, normal Korean men enter the service at the Korean age 21~24. But entertainers are a little bit different to normal people. They enter it pretty late. But they won’t go there too late. Because they have the trouble adjusting to adapt to there if they enter there too late.

So nowadays, other singers or actors enter the service at the Korean age of 28~30. Many Korean artists did.. For example.. Cho In Sung, Kang Dong Won, Lee Jun Ki, so on.. and Hyun Bin will enter the service as a Marine.

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3. Korean news reporting JYJ’s health check-up

Recently, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu underwent their medical examinations at the Military Manpower Administration.

On 16 February, Newsen Journalists contacted the CJeS Officials in a telephone interview, and they expressed, “The three members went for medical examinations at the Military Manpower Administration, and are currently waiting for the results.”

The official also said, “Usually, the results will be immediate, but due to Park Yoochun’s asthma, a more detailed examination is required. After the receiving the medical examination results, there may be a possible re-examination.”

On another note, after Kim Junsu’s musical ends, JYJ will be kicking their world tour for the first half of the year in March.

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