DOTS34-ILoveJYJ Internet Radio Shuts Doors Permanently

There has been some controversy with the internet radio station. A few days ago, it announced its intent to temporarily suspend. A few hours ago, it announced that it will close its doors permanently.

The internet broadcast has been suffering from controversy chiefly surrounding its chief administrator who goes by the name of “Helena.” The general consensus is that she was careless and ignorant of the mood of the fandom- for instance, she allowed the airing of a statement by a controversial politician (which reflected adversely on JYJ) and pushed for special treatment. The other fans reacted very strongly to these events and called for a shutdown of the station.

The rest of the internet staff, without Helena, had a discussion and decided that it was best to close the station for good.

The below is the English translation of the “Announcement Part 1” that the site has posted.


This is an announcement about the (permanent) shutting-down of the station.

We make a sincere apology for having caused inconvenience to the fandom for this period and we inform you that, as of today, the internet broadcast is shut-down.

We are the staff which is taking care of the shutting-down of the station.

We are writing to you because it seems that we should reveal to you the process by which the internet radio is proceeding.

We are sorry for the late feedback/communication.

It was not (our intent) to ignore the words of the fans, but since the communication was structured to be centered on “Helena (one,” the discussion among the remaining staff itself took a long time. We are sorry.


We inform you of the current issues and their state.

1. On related-search terms (T/N: The internet broadcast introduced a statement by a controversial politician. Now, when you enter the politician’s name into some search engines, JYJ appears as a “related-search.”)

We have immediately requested that the search sites delete these. (We apologize for the late notice.)

Each site is different. The longest turnaround will be 2 weeks according to the answers we’ve received.

1. On the problems of (fan-taken) pictures and videos

Prior to the internet broadcast’s opening, we did receive permission from a few fan sites and individual fans because it was difficult to create content (just for the broadcast). However, in trying to make them (fit) the time constraints of the broadcast, some pictures were used without permission and logos were cropped out in our editing process. We have no words (except apology) to offer for this. We bow our heads and sincerely apologize. Because we pained those who had agreed so heartily, we cannot raise our heads.

Although it is only proper for us to visit each (injured party) individually to make our apologies, please forgive us for (only) apologizing to you in this manner. At this time, all broadcasts are currently down from the YouTube Channel. We apologize once more.

1.On the issue of copyrights

We have contracted with the Music Copyright Association and received permissions to use all songs registered with the Association (domestic and international) and therefore it is arranged that we will pay usage fees. On the usage of The Beginning and Music Essay, we have initially sought the consent of C-JeS, and received a request (from C-JeS) to send a list of the songs used, and so it was to proceed as described above.

1. On the donations
We plan to scan the account internal statements (that show our receipts of the donations) and to post it within this week. Currently, we have not used any of the donations. For those who wish to be refunded for the donations, please scan statement history that shows that you have sent the funds to our accounts and please email us (at We will refund you then.

1. On the question of continuing or closing the Station

For the staff who are remaining to take care of the process of closing, we had one worry- just how much damage this will inflict on JYJ.

It occurred to us that if the contents about the internet station (of this controversy) is broadcasted or printed (through the printing press), it will create a confusion bigger than the (publicity generated by the) opening of the station. We are already very sorry for what have happened so far, and because we know that if the issues are inflamed again it is difficult to control them, we are using utmost care.

During our discussion, there was some opinion that if the established and trusted fan sites or associations participate and the radio station is newly revamped so that we can continue the life of the station at least, that perhaps we can block the airing or article-publishing (on the controversies).

However, we decided that (because it is unlikely that) no one would trust those of us who are remaining and that at this time when we do not know who among the staff who are preparing for the closing will participate (in the station’s efforts) again, it is the right answer to close our station (permanently). As for the process after this, we will continually make announcements.

1. On the remaining staff

The staff who are remaining are not those people who are acting according to the directions or wishes of Helena, and instead are (merely) preparing for the station’s closing, so please do not confuse us on that point.

For those staff who have expressed a wish to leave, and those staff who had not expressed a wish (one way or the other), we (revoked their membership) for all of them. We understand that there were some people who wished to prepare for the station’s closing with us, but because we had to move as quickly as possible, it could not be helped.

And we ask with caution. Some writings that the regular staff who are not participating in the closing posted online are becoming issues. We do not have enough people to monitor and to address around-the-clock everything that is happening while we are preparing for the closing. We ask for your understanding on this matter.

1.On (what will happen) in the future

We will keep making announcements.

1 .Additionally, we would like to make an announcement for the staff.
For those staff who (are finding out about) the news of the closing through this announcement, we also apologize. You volunteered with the pure heart of a fan, and you had no part in the situation of this controversy, yet you are facing the closing of the station. We feel sincerely regretful about this.

Currently, even information that was not verified about the internet broadcast and captures of actual conversations are circulating. To minimize the damage to the staff who had no part in this matter, and because the situation prevented us from seeking the sufficient opinions of all of the staff prior to the closing, we apologize once again, and we ask for your understanding.

Those staff members who wish to have more details, please message or email us.


This news is bringing my questions, and we will address some of them in this post.

(1) Why is the Politician a problem?

It is never a good idea to introduce politics into a non-profit project like this one. This politician was particularly problematic largely because she is an ultra-conservative, perceived to support entrenched forces such as the Korean entertainment industry. She is very much disliked by a large portion of the Korean public. The introduction of her statements onto the station could make it seem as if she and JYJ were somehow linked, and this could be used by the Hotels to generate hatred against JYJ.


JYJ3 regrets to bring you this news. But what does not kill us makes us stronger- it is our hope that the fandom will emerge from this as a stronger bastion of support for JYJ.


Translation Credit: JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3


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