DOTS43-Shane Yoon answers Fans’s Questions about JYJ – Round 1


Back in November 2010, I had the privilege of being the MC for the JYJ US TOUR. I toured with them from New York to Las Vegas and finally to Los Angeles. Along the way I was fortunate enough to meet hundreds of their wonderful fans (out of millions!) and now I’ve decided to answer some of your burning questions. Let’s begin shall we…

Q: @papersugar asks: TELL US ABOUT VEGAS!!!! Did you guys go to a strip club??

A: Wow right off the bat huh? HAHA. Sorry to disappoint you, but NO we did not go to a strip club in Vegas. We did go to the club XS at the Wynn, and had a great time. JYJ knows how to party!

Q: joojoobaby asks: Hi Shane! How different is JYJ when they’re working and when they are not? By the way, you’re awesome smile.gif

A: Honestly there wasn’t much difference. The guys work hard but also have a great sense of humor, so even when they’re rehearsing they’re cracking jokes and having a good time. They have a really strong work ethic and were rehearsing whenever they had free time. And in the little time when they weren’t working, they worked on their hair. JK HAHA You’re awesome too!

Q: Anonymous asks: How did you get the gig? do you have super amazing ninja mafia connections?

A: Seeing how I retired my ninja mafia connection card back in 2009, I would have to say NO I currently do not have super amazing ninja mafia connections. I got the gig because I knew the right people. Or more importantly, the right people knew me. I’m friends with Rich Nam, head of Entitled Entertainment who put on the whole JYJ US TOUR. They were looking for an MC, I was the first person he thought of, I happened to be free, and I was on my way to New York.

Q: Anonymous asks: Did Jaejoong blind you when you first met him because seriously, he is ghostly pale.

A: When I first saw Jaejoong my natural instinct was to cover my neck, pour some holy water on myself, eat a clove of raw garlic, and call Jacob. Yes he was pale, but I thought it was because he had makeup on. After a few times, I realized it wasn’t the makeup…he’s just really pale. But honestly it doesn’t look that bad in person. I think he’s more photogenically pale…at least his reflection appears in mirrors.

Q: shesrightyouknowshesright asks: What is your funniest story offstage with the JYJ boys?

A: When we were in Las Vegas, we stayed at the Palms Hotel and Casino. One night, right before we went out to go eat dinner, a group of ajummas rushed JYJ in the lobby asking for autographs and pictures. Honestly, some of them looked as old as my mom. It was a very surreal moment, funny and cute in a statutory way. I guess some women just never grow up…or they really really really love JYJ – The love of JYJ knows no age limits.

Q: fangasm asks: Ohai there!! So…. all I can think of right now to ask is… was Junsu as super adorable off camera as he seems on?

A: I don’t know if I would describe him as super adorable, but maybe that’s because I’m a guy HAHA. I think more than anything it’s his husky voice that gives him that “cute” aura. He’s also very serious about learning English as he was constantly asking me about English vocabulary and grammar, which added to his “cute” aura. Make sense? Maybe it’s just something you need to experience in person.

Q: lovemelovemenot asks: So you got to know the boys…How’s like to be around them?And which member left a deep impression on you?

A: It was great being around all three of them, they’re superstars and have millions of fans across the world, but they’re very humble and just normal guys. Of the three, I connected most with Jaejoong. He definitely has that persona where he’s down to do whatever, as long as everyone’s having a good time. He’s very good at making strangers feel comfortable.

Q: 2601-ar asks: Who do you think is the best singer in JYJ (if you’ve seen their solo performances from their tvxq days)? And who has the most striking presence (personality) amongst the three. Thanks a lot!

A: Honestly I think they all sing really well, but if I had to choose one to sing a lullaby for me to sleep to, I would have to choose Micky, he kind of has that old school Korean singer voice sound. As far as striking presence, I would have to go with JaeJoong, he just oozes rock star.

Q: @jjmaii asks: Really? Want to know what you think about KimJaejoong?

A: He’s really a great guy. I’m sure you guys know his whole backstory, but when I read it, his personality made a lot of sense. He definitely lives in the moment and is extremely grounded. Like I mentioned before, he has a great gift of connecting with people and making them feel comfortable, even if he’s meeting them for the first time.

Q: @Gladys1226 asks: DID YOU GO INTO THEIR HOTEL ROOMS? opppsss tongue.gif

A: HAHA No I did not. All those tweets about showering and sleeping together, were all lies, designed to entertain the masses! Sorry to disappoint.

Q: @wota94 asks: Are the boys humble?

A: Yes they are. I was expecting them to be spoiled brats, because of all their money and fame, but to my surprise they were very grounded and humble with strong work ethics.

Q: @hope_slimzees asks: Do you have their numbers because you enjoy touching handsome boys? (ref to chinese newspaper)

A: No I do not have their numbers, we keep in touch through Twitter. And normally I don’t enjoy touching handsome boys, but for some reason in that moment, I was compelled to do so HAHA.

Q: @Kittyny12591 asks: After working with them for all three US showcases, what kind of people were JYJ? (Personalities)

A: Micky – Kept to himself a lot, but he was feeling sick the entire trip so that could have been it. Didn’t get to interact with him too much.

Junsu – Very curious about a lot of things, seems very good-hearted and good-natured.

Jaejoong – I feel like I’ve talked a lot about Jaejoong. Refer to my previous answers.


A: What kind of innocent minds are we talking about? HAHA No, they were very well-behaved and unfortunately (for you guys) did not see them do anything corrupt-worthy.

Q: @YooCups asks: What kind of person is Micky? smile.gif

A: Unfortunately Micky was feeling sick for the majority of the trip so I didn’t interact with him as much as the others. He seemed like a really nice guy, definitely see why he’s a lot of people’s favorite member.

Q: @Krumbalina asks: When they do their next tour here will you be the MC again?

A: No I have not been contacted to MC for their next tour. Generally, concert tours do not have MCs, I think last year’s US TOUR was a little different as it was a showcase for all of their US fans. The management wanted a Korean-American MC to help interact with fans and to lead the Q&A session on stage. I think this time around, the world knows who they are, and it will be all about the performance.

All right, so that wraps up ROUND 1. I tried to answer as many questions as I could, but keep asking questions through my tumblr and my twitter @shaneyoon (please do not repeat questions that I’ve already answered) I’ll post up ROUND 2 sometime later this week. Thanks!

Good Times @@

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