DOTS51-Vice President of Avex Tweets Twice about JYJ

The italicized text is from JYJ3.


As readers know, the fans of Japan have become more aware in recent days about the interference by Avex on JYJ’s Japanese activities. For instance, that Avex had requested Oricon to pull down JYJ’s products from the ranking charts has become public ( Newspapers have written about the possible interference that led to the non-materialization of a relief concert at Yokohama Arena ( Yesterday, a Japanese staff connected to JYJ wrote a blog entry which quickly became widespread that detailed the involvement of Avex in the cancellation of JYJ’s concert in Tokyo Dome originally scheduled for May in addition to the matter of the relief concert.

A fan tweeted to the CSO of Avex Chiba Ryuhei in anger for JYJ. The CEO of Avex is Matsuura Masato. The below is the tweet to Chiba and the response.

[TRANS] @MAZINGER_DRAGON I don’t have anything more to say. What’s more, it’s not a decision by the CEO. It’s all my decision, which is my responsibility. Good night. RT @xxxxxxx: I am a fan of the three members. I am extremely angry right now but I want to hear (your) story before I criticize Mr. Matsuura and Mr. Chiba (T/N: @MAZINGER_DRAGON). I (am writing this tweet to you because) I think that Avex (probably) has something to say also…

Japan’s fans reacted with anger at the above tweet which, when applying the regular canons of construction of language, admits to Avex’s interfering with JYJ’s activities (with no regret). At this, Chiba tweeted the following:

[TRANS] @MAZINGER_DRAGON Well well~, watch your language please. When you talk to each other, have kindness for the other side. I, who is writing and speaking, will also do my best to become such a person. Also, I (T/N: Alternatively, “we”) will explain when the time comes. Because, we are Avex. Well then, until then, good night.

Source: Chiba Ryuhei’s Twitter
Shared by: JYJ3
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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