DOTS52-Hayato’s Blog: JYJ is Repeatedly Prevented from Coming to Japan by “A. Co.”

The italicized text is from JYJ3.

The below is a translation of the blog entry posted by Hayato. It is currently deleted.

Actually, at first there was a plan to do a concert in Tokyo Dome in May. They were under the impression (T/N: literally, “believing”) that they could sing in Tokyo. JYJ is aiming for the future. To that future, let’s take the fans, and let’s appear in front of the fans after having heightened our levels from where we are today, let’s show (the fans) that we are sweating for that end… To JYJ who was working for that, suddenly the news of the cessation of the Tokyo concert reached them. Tokyo Dome had gone into smoke because of the pressures of A. Co. This happened in the middle of filming vigorously for 3hree Voices 2. To them, how big of a shock it had been….

As you know, JYJ’s Japanese management company A. Co. announced last September that they are unilaterally putting a halt to JYJ’s Japanese activities. This, wasn’t this supposed to mean that they were going to leave alone JYJ’s management—that is, that JYJ should go off and do their own thing by themselves?

While that was happening, JYJ rose up when the tremendous earthquakes struck Japan. I was moved by their sincerity. We received a great courage and love. I wrote about this in my blog, too.

They are young, yet they made a large donation of 600 million KRW. In truth, though, that is not all. I was contacted by someone who is extremely close to JYJ—he asked me to look into how one could donate and where, because JYJ wanted to give as individuals. I pointed them to the website of Japan Red Cross. I heard that JYJ gave a large amount to (the Red Cross) as well. I can feel their heart for Japan. This incident is true—I was involved in it.

Is it now impossible for JYJ to sing in Japan in the future?

Is “singing” really that difficult of a thing to do?

They are not even canaries who have forgotten how to sing—they are canaries who are forbidden to sing… how tragic is this.

While this (was going on), a government agency suggested to JYJ an idea of a relief concert.

You have no idea how happy JYJ and C-JeS was (at that news).

We can now sing in front of Japan’s fans! But, JYJ presented (to the government agency) a condition—they wanted to donate all proceeds minus expenses.

Their heart was that they wanted to help in Japan’s revival through their singing.

That is the concert in Yokohama Arena on June 7th—the one that was announced in Daily News and others. But, as you all know, to that too, interferences by A. Co. comes in. Not only was the article taken down, the people from Yokohama Arena also gave up, that they won’t do it.

To stop this relief concert—this also means that one cannot send contributions to the damaged areas. Who has the right to interfere with a concert of good-will? This means that a large amount of contributions is to disappear. This means that the reconstruction of the damaged areas is delayed.

And, Saitama Super Arena makes a decision. That they won’t bend to A. Co.’s pressures—they told them in straightforward words. They have stepped up not merely for JYJ but for the restoration of the damaged areas.

We absolutely need to make this relief concert successful.

If it cannot be allowed that JYJ sing here, it might be that they can never sing in Japan again. Their activities put to a halt when the contract is not terminated… that is, it is a plan that (A. Co.) will not leave JYJ to sing in Japan.

Will it be okay to let alone this tyranny?

I will absolutely not let them interfere. This time, the fans need to stand up.

I wrote that—JYJ, they will without a doubt come for us, even if they have to swim across the ocean. I wrote—let’s absolutely trust them.

For them, this is not a simple matter. A tremendous invisible wall is blocking them. JYJ is trying their hardest to climb over that wall, in any way they can.

One day, the day will come when anyone can freely listen to them sing live. This is the first step for that day to come.

Source: Hayato’s Blog
Shared by: JYJ3
Translation Credit: JYJ3


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