DOTS56-KeyEast, SM, YG, JYP & more join forces to establish a new global agency, “United Asia Management”


KeyEast, AMENT, Star J Entertainment, SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, and JYP Entertainment will be joining forces to create a huge Asian management agency named ‘United Asia Management‘!

This joint investment corporate body was created out of an effort to develop an industry that will push ‘Hallyu’ to ‘Asianlyu’. United Asia Management aims to pioneer a global market, and all artists under the six agencies will be under a database system that manages intellectual property rights. A new contents production system will be utilized as well for movies, dramas, and other media. UAM will also be acting as the global agency for artists planning to advance, or currently promoting in, overseas.

On April 8th, the CEO of KeyEast Entertainment, Yang Geun Hwan, stated, “Using the experience each company has in advancing overseas, we will be bringing together each company’s business know-hows and network systems as the base for our new agency. We are looking forward to this collaboration in creating a synergistic effect for the advancement of not only Korea’s entertainment industry, but Asia as well.”

UAM will be officially established as of April 2011, and will be the new home to artists such as Jang Dong Gun, Hyun Bin, Shin Min Ah, Bae Yong Joon, Kim Hyun Joong, BoA, Lee Yeon Hee, Goo Hye Sun, Big Bang, Rain, 2PM, miss A, the Wonder Girls, and many others.

Source: Sports Seoul
Credits: Allkpop



The biggest entertainment companies in Korea have joined together to create one massive management agency known as “United Asia Management.”

All of the artists under SM Entertainment,YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, KeyEast, Star J Entertainment and AMENT will now be managed under the company in their endeavors including movies, dramas and all other entertainment content production.

The six companies came together to share their business know-how and network so that they can advance the Hallyu wave into an Asian Pop Music wave all around the world.

It’s still unclear as to whether the artists will be both under UAM along with their respective companies.

What is clear is that this is essentially a monopoly that could crush smaller companies and their artists…

Source: Nate
Trans by: MTVK
Shared by: JYJ3

T/N JYJ3: I people wanted we share this Info, I know this news doesn’t sound good for JYJ, but honestly I think there are I people involved on this, it’s indeed a very ambitious project, but also I think it will be kind of complicated for them to reach an agreement, especially because many of them preface their own interests to others. And also there are I other artist/companies left, not only JYJ. So If “United Asia I” is planning to crush smaller companies I think these small companies also can join forces and give them a battle.. Who knows? nothing is said. 


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