DOTS70-C-jes Announcement about the Charity Concert

C-jes representative, Mr Baek’s statement: To thank the Japanese fans who have been waiting and giving support, we will try our best to make sure that the charity event goes on as planned. Please don’t think this is their one-off event, please take it as the signal of JYJ’s return to the Japanese market. Therefore, no matter how bad the situation is, please believe in our sincere and give us support.

JYJ will also not succumb to such pressure. If there is a place where JYJ’s music can be heard by the Japanese fans, we will be there, no matter where it is. I, as well, to reply the Japanese fans trust and to let everyone to hear JYJ’s music and their stories once again, will fight with my all.

Everyone, please be like always, be JYJ’s reliable supporters, please be their strength.

Source: C-jes
Trans by: @tohovikki
Shared by: JYJ3


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