DOTS72-ZAK Corp Announces that JYJ Japan Charity Event Will Be Held on June 7 As Planned!

Announcement on the Additional Ticket Sales/Lottery

On the holding of “JYJ North East Kwandong Large Earthquake Victims Aid Charity Event” we have given you much inconvenience and worry and so we are extremely sorry. We will hold the event on June 7 as was planned. Because we’ve now come to register for the ticket’s additional sales, we are making an announcement…. (information on how to register omitted)

[Overview of the Event]

Appearance: JYJ (Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong)

Venue: In Tokyo or in the outskirts of Tokyo. (The venue will change from Saitama Super Arena. But we are currently examining many venues inside Tokyo and around Tokyo, including outside venues. On the formal (notification of the) venue, we will announce it with the mailing of the ticket on June 2, and we ask for your understanding.

Schedule: June 7 (Tuesday)

Starting time: Afternoon Session– 2PM start; Evening Performance—7PM start.

Price: Per ticket, 9,750 Yen (including tax). (Breakdown: Ticket cost 8,500 Yen + Handling fee for applying/issuing/sending ticket 800 Yen + System usage fee 450 Yen). *The remittance change is also that of the customer.

All seats are designated (The seats are by lottery).

Duration of the Application (for the tickets): May 2 ~ May 6, 6PM


On the refund due to the cancellation or the delay of the event, the amount refunded will be (the full amount) less the refund handling fee of 300 Yen (approximately 3.70 USD). We ask for your understanding.

(Other irrelevant information omitted)

Source: Zak Corporation
Translation Credit: JYJ3

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