DOTS89-C-jes Statement Summary

Below is a summary of the July 22nd statement that CJeS posted on their website.

★ C-jes apologizes to fans for any worry and stress the situation with the KBS unilateral cancellation might have caused them.

★ Despite pressure from outside, JYJ continues to be the forefront of the Hallyu Wave. They released a worldwide album and ranked on the US Billboard Charts. Also since the release of their album, they’ve held around 20 shows on their Worldwide Showcase Tour, bringing in over 100,000 domestic and international fans total.

★ Unfortunately, there are still continuous troubles with TV cancellations that JYJ has to face.

★ C-jes has filed a complaint to the Fair Trade Commission over JYJ’s appearance being cancelled and will continue to do so for any further cancellations.

★ From here on, C-jes will take legal action against anyone who interferes with JYJ’s projects or slanders JYJ in any way.

★ Even if JYJ win the lawsuit, C-jes does not believe all of their problems will be fixed. As long as they are blocked from being on television by outside forces, there will always be mountains standing in their way. C-jes is taking action because they want to further JYJ’s career and feel they have talents that need to be shared with a world stage.

★ Finally, JYJ will continue on their roles as Honorary Ambassadors to Jeju and wish to still have the interest and support of the fans in this matter.

Source: C-JeS
Summarized by: DoctorJaee of JYJ3
Shared by: JYJ3

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