DOTS92-Director Lee (Prain)’s interview on Radio 21 – KBS Jeju had promised not to cancel, JYJ’s thoughts on fans & their plans for rest of 2011

The following is an excerpt from a news article based on Radio 21′s special on JYJ, which aired yesterday. Director Lee JaeEun of Prain (JYJ’s publicist) gave an interview during the radio program and here’s what she said:


JYJ rep, “KBS had said that ‘there was absolutely no external pressure…’” Director Lee JaeEun, “already reported to Fair Trade Commission, album late this year, and preparing for tour.”

Prain’s Director Lee JaeEun, who in charge of JYJ’s overall communication, gave an interview after reporter Kim and expressed her frustration that “what she can understand the least is the basic purpose of this [Jeju] broadcast.”

“When we received an offer to appear [on the program], I specifically told KBS Jeju that ‘because there are times when [the network] is pressured externally [to cancel on the artist], in order to protect the artist, I will not make a decision unless [JYJ’s] appearance on the program is a sure thing.’ [In response], KBS Jeju replied that ‘such a thing would never happen’ and that ‘this broadcast is a special program to promote Jeju, and since JYJ is its honorary ambassador, why would we have problems?’ But despite such a promise, we received a one-sided cancellation notice 4 days before the concert, after we had already received cue sheets.“

Director Lee received attention by revealing that they had already reported this incident to the Fair Trade Commission and received an official document registering the report. Director Lee stated, “the investigator in charge told us that there was more than enough proof” and emphasized, “the problem is that this incident isn’t the first, but currently such situations are occurring repeatedly. Although the courts have made the decision that we should receive compensation when the ex-management company unfairly interferes with [JYJ’s activities], unexplainable incidents continue to occur over and over again.”

Furthermore, Director Lee stated, “every time such unjust situations occur, no matter how small or how big, C-JeS entertainment has filed complaints and lawsuits. All will become evidence in the original lawsuit. On this matter, we have taken all action that we could, and from now on we will concentrate our efforts in quickening the ruling in the original lawsuit.” However, Director Lee did draw a line by stating, “this isn’t about raising questions on the position of honorary ambassador or the island of Jeju.”

Currently, JYJ is planning the release of a new album and the start of another world tour during the later half of this year. Director Lee stated, “because [JYJ] is such a worldwide group, the scale is enormous and we’re looking at the entire second half of the year to plan [their new schedules]. Because it hasn’t been long since the world tour ended, we were thinking of taking a breather, but because [JYJ] is being sought-after greatly within not only Korea, but also North America and Europe, we decided to go right into preparing.” [JYJ] is also preparing their second Worldwide album as well.

When asked how JYJ members were doing, Director Lee replied, “the members are more brave than anyone else. They are making good progress in their planned path. However, they are very worried about their fans, who are forced to go through such injustices because they are JYJ fans. They are trying to stay resolute for their fans.”

“The feelings JYJ have for their fans are special. Furthermore, they have great pride for their fans. When I see them use the phrase, ‘well, our fans are…’ after each sentence, I get the thought that they’ve become firmer and closer together by experiencing difficult situations. I am so thankful that there are fans who love JYJ’s music and their dream, and I hope you don’t become too upset because of this recent matter.”

Lastly, Director Lee asked for the support of the Korean public stating, “during this recent matter, not only fans, but the general public including the people on Jeju Island gave us their support. In fact, there’s a side of thankfulness because this incident helped spread the news that JYJ is fighting against injustice. Because this incident is unrelated to the task of publicizing Jeju, JYJ will continue to do their best in promoting Korea’s excellence and Jeju’s beauty to the rest of the world as world stars.”

You can read the entire article here(IN KOR)

Translation credit: withJYJ
Shared by: JYJ3

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