DOT95-Protect the Future: Working Hand in Hand Towards a Better Tomorrow

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Shades of Jae’d : International Kim Jae Joong Fanclub, F5 Cassiopeia Chile, JYJ NY Project Team, Daily KPOP News, Daily KPOP News M, Crazy Love TVXQ, JaeJoongSing(Singapore-TVXQ) & JYJ Dot International in partnership with KKOOM (Korean Kids and Orphanage Outreach Mission).

Protect the Future: Working Hand in Hand Towards a Better Tomorrow

Protect the Future is a charity project that will support KKOOM’s Post High School Support Initiative, which aides young adult orphans in their endeavors outside of the orphanage which include assisting in providing assistance in job search expenses, relocating out of orphanages and accessing post-high school educational opportunities.

KKOOM has created a page on their site ( which will be solely dedicated to donating to the Protect The Future charity that will be done on behalf of Kim JaeJoong, the casts and crews of Protect the Boss. We will be keeping an active list of those who have donated and how much the charity has raised.

In addition, Shades of Jae’d will be creating a donation pack and a few other goods that will be sold and proceeds will be given to KKOOM. Those that donated will be given an option to entere in a raffle for prizes [TBA]. Details will be out at a later date.

Be part of this meaningful project and donate. No matter how big or small your donation is, every cent goes a long way for their futures ♥

To donate via paypal :

Guide to how to donate via paypal:​image…3/65418696.jpg/

If you wish to donate but do not have a paypal account, please email to with the following:

Name [you wish the donation to be under]:
Contact email:

Method of donation: western union, wire/bank transfer, concealed cash and/or money order
[ CC&MO;only available in certain locations]


For more information and/or queries, you can use the following platforms to get in touch with us!

For more information and charity updates:




Thank you for your interest & please follow us on Tumblr & Twitter to get latest information about Protect the Future.

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