DOTS98-“The End of AIDS” Essay Contest

AIDS is a very serious issue around the World and we are happy to have UNAIDS appoint JYJ as Ambassadors to help spread awareness. As support to both JYJ and UNAIDS, JYJWorldWide will be having an essay competition in 4 different languages. All winners will receive a certificate from JYJWorldWide and our school partner as well as JYJ’s new album “In Heaven.” We hope many of you can participate in this contest! Please see our official rules below!

Rules for essay:

-Topic: The End of AIDS (Note: This is a broad topic and anything goes but just remember, JYJ was appointed Ambassadors to help stop stigma’s & AIDS discrimination.)

-Length: 800-1000 words

-Languages accepted: English, Thai, Chinese, Indonesian. Only ONE winner per language.

-Deadline: Sunday October 9, 2011 12 pm KST

-Submit your essay by attachment in Microsoft Word format to AND include the following: Language of essay, your last name & Country of residence. (Example: English Essay, Park , South Korea) ***If you have a twitter/facebook/tumblr account, pls note that as well***

All winners will be announced by October 16, 2011. Fighting!!!

Source: JYJWorldWide
Shared by: JYJDOTSInternational

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