Europe Get Out and Get Ready for JYJ!!

JYJ is coming to Europe for 2 concerts one in Spain and one in Berlin!

Did you get your concert tickets,yet?

If not hurry up there are still some left!

For the Barcelona concert on the 29th of October at Pueblo Espanyol please check  here .

For the Berlin concert on the 6th of November at Tempodrom please check here .

We would like if these concerts would be unforgettable not only for the fans attending but also to JYJ.

We want them to see how much their european fans love them and what better way to do it than doing mass fanprojects?

Phoenix(the unofficial TVXQ5’s European fanclub) and JYJinSpain are now promoting different fanprojects for the 2 concerts,we would like to let you know about them and urge you to be part of them^^

For the concert at Pueblo Espanyol the fanprojects are:

    1. RED OCEAN during the whole concert bring your lightsticks ladies and fanboys ^_= let’s show JYJ that Cassiopeia is stronger than ever!
    2. Complete silence (except part of the refrain) and WHITE OCEAN  with bright lightsticks or mobiles during “In Heaven”.
    3. Holding hands during “Nine”.
    4. Sing-along during “Fallen Leaves” and holding “THANK YOU” fansigns in different languages,get the pdf to print on a A4 paper here .
    5. “Be My Girl” flashmob!
    6. Fanchants during “Empty”,”Ayy Girl”,”Mission”,”Fallen Leaves” and part of “In Heaven”.To know which part we are supposed to sing along please check here.
    7. This is not exactly a fanproject….but for those who want to meet other fans before the concert JYJinSpain will hold a meeting the 28th October at the Arc De Triomf  around 5.30 PM,for map and more info check here.

For the concert at Tempodrom the fanprojects are:

    1. RED OCEAN during the whole concert with lightsticks and t-shirts,let’s show JYJ that Cassiopeia got their back!Get your T-shirt here!!
    2. WHITE OCEAN  with bright lightsticks and complete silence during “In Heaven”.If you don’t own a bright lightstick and can not buy it before the concert,don’t worry Phoenix will be giving some for free before the concert infront of the venue !
    3. “Be My Girl” flashmob^^
    4. Sing-along for “Chajatta”.
    5. Fanchants during  “Be The One”,”Ayy Girl”,”Mission”,”Empty”,”Be My Girl” and “Get Out”.To know which part we are supposed to sing along please check here.
    6. And also for Berlin for those who wish to meet other fans before the concert, Phoenix will hold a meeting on the 5th from 5PM till 6PM at Potsdamer Platz near the Sony Center!!For more info please check here.

For those who wish to buy their own RED and WHITE lightsticks,you can do so online here,    here   and here.
For more info please check Phoenix Forum and JYJinSpain official pages,for any question related to the fanprojects please email:

Elina(Phoenix admin) at


Nydia(JYJinSpain) at


JYJDots Team at

As true JYJ fans we promote freedom of speech and choice, however we strongly recommend you against “couple” and OT5 chants and banners,both concerts are going to be attended by various Media we don’t need the concert to be reported for something that it’s not related strictly to JYJ music and their new adventure.JYJ is from TVXQ and so shall it be forever.Let’s cherish this memory without obscuring their present and their future as artists!

In case you are wondering JYJ Official Promotion Team said that there is going to be a stand with JYJ official goods,so come with your pockets full :-P!

That said see you ALL at the concerts!!

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