Mod’s Fanaccount from JYJ’s Berlin Concert

I leave for Berlin on Saturday, early morning. As soon as I board my Air Berlin plane the screen shows a CF of the Elisabeth musical tour in Germany…talk about coincidences! I take off to the sound of “If I Want To Dance” playing in the cockpit, and that’s how my journey begins 🙂
By the time I make it to my hotel I’m dead tired from the early awakening, the nervousness and the excitement all rolled in one. After a couple of hours I push myself to finally go out and check the Tempodrom area, which is thankfully just one street away from where I’m staying. The venue looks really good, but I’m shocked to see there’s already people queuing for the tickets 0.0 and the cold is no joke here! I’m suddenly missing the Barcelona weather lol and to think that my chatty taxi driver has told me we’re actually lucky cos the weather is been unusually warm and sunny these days ^^” If you say so…xD I’ll let you guys imagine his expression when I tell him I’ve come here especially to see a KOREAN pop band xD
I go sightseeing around a bit…Checkpoint Charlie, the Wall, Potzdamer Platz (I stop in front of the Korean Cultural Centre where JYJ have had their conference the day before. There’s still fans outside dancing Kpop choreos :P), the Brandenburg Gate (only to discover later that I’ve missed Junsu by a hair, FML. And I even kept looking out for Asian tourists in the crowd…WYLT, Su? Avoiding noona like this? ;A;) til it’s time to go back to Potzdamer Platz for the Phoenix meetup. And there’s quite a lot of people! And banners, and fans singing and dancing the flashmob 😀 I manage to find Liz quickly and get my red light bracelet and white lightstick for the In Heaven white ocean. I meet Veronica who’s helping handing the lightsticks to the crowd, and Yashi who soon becomes our German-to-English interpreter lolz
Liz, Yashi, me and another German fan go grab a bite in a place nearby and spend our dinner pleasantly spazzing about the boys, anticipating the concert ^^ It’s soon time to go back to our hotel rooms cos tomorrow is gonna be…definitely hectic. As I enter the hotel I find myself sitting in the  hall near girls that – I can guess – are JYJ fans. When I get a call from home and my Get Out ringtone starts playing, the girls give me a thumbs up and shout “I like you!”. lol. (I suspect the Japanese and the Korean ahjummas there were fans too. And the Spanish girls as well. We were EVERYWHERE that weekend).

It’s finally Sunday. I wake up at 6AM and I’m worried already cos people on Twitter keep saying how it’s no use to rush to the venue now cos the queue is way too long already. wth, I think, it’s frigging 6 in the morning =_= So I end up skipping breakfast and running to the venue, where I meet up with my Italian friend Loretta who’s been queuing for way longer than me, bless her. Thank God she’s well equipped cos the weather is literally FREEZING. It was generally cold already plus the sun hasn’t risen yet, so you can imagine. The poor Chinese-Czech girl beside us is totally freezing in her flimsy skirt so we all lend her something, a cover, a jacket, warm coffee and food. How fans rallied to help each other that morning was such a heart-warming thing to see ^^ and how cute, the German guy next to us has braved the cold in line since 5 AM or so just to get the ticket for his girlfriend…awwww. In times like this I wish I had one of those too lolz. We all chit chat/spazz about anything and some even try to dance some steps to fight the chilly weather xD At some point a girl approaches me asking something in Spanish…well I only learn hours later that’s actually Dani from Argentina xD I get to say hi to Engdow too. The hours pass by and more fans arrive, reporters take pics of us, Asian fanclubs staff give out lighsticks and banners, and there’s this funny moment when a male staff arrives w/ a standing banner with JYJ on it, to put in the middle of the asphalted ground in front of the Tempodrom. But the wind is strong and the banner keeps falling, with the crowd following the guys’ attempts closely (we’re really bored by now, ya know xD)  and going “nooooooo” everytime the thing falls. The male staff can’t help LOLing. Anyway, the line is really, and I mean REALLY, long and even after the ticket office opens at 10,30 (half a hour late, of course =_=) it moves incredibly slow. I finally get to collect my and my friend’s ticket at 1,30 PM, after 7+ hours in line @_@ Many people will only get it after 4PM, while JYJ are already rehearsing inside the venue.
I go back to Tempodrom at 5PM and it’s already full of fans outside, waving lightsticks, taking pics, spazzing…the excitement is at a sky high level!
We are finally let inside and the venue is exactly as it was described: beautiful, cosy and so small that the stage is well visible from every angle and row of seat. It’s all nice and dandy til my friend and I go in search of our seats… SV area 26, seats 16-17. And my 17 seat…is not there. That’s when it dawns on me that 1) OMI has screwed up again 2) OMI staff can’t even do the basic math 3) Honest to God I’m gonna kill them this time. It’s like The Barcelona Mess, Part 2.
And apparently I’m not the only one with this problem, cos more and more people from the Supervip/Vip blocks (even the German guy and his gf) join us to go ask where exactly they are supposed to seat (I think we scared the blonde lady more than a little bit. Well I’m not sorry tbh) until we finally find a dude who knows what to do. Turns out they put the wrong number on the seats (a facepalm is in order now). Mine is right in the centre, a few rows from the stage. But even like this, there’s still many people (Dani’s mum…man, when I realized it was her… >.<) with no seats and staff only offers them to go behind in the other blocks. I suggest they could just add some seats in front, but nothing. That’s OMI for you, everyone.
One thing I’m thankful about is the security dude that sits before the stage is Italian and can understand what I say, cos 90% of the Tempodrom staff doesn’t speak English at all, and it only adds more confusion to the mess. Forever grateful also because he finds and gives me back my wallet (with ID card, money, CCs and everything in it) before I even realize I had lost it ;A;
The time of the concert start is nearing and the audience is a sight to behold, the venue is covered in red! It’s like looking at a view of the Gwangju audience back in June ;A; The crowd starts a wave spontaneously, from one side to another and on the floor, and it’s never-ending! It keeps going and going, it’s an Unstoppable Wave all over again 😀 (right, Liz? xD) The Italian security dude is amused eheh. Even during the concert I catch him looking at me and my friend LOLing with “you guys are totally nuts” written all over his face. After the concert he tells us this is the first time he has seen such a thing and audience like that at the Tempodrom, ever. My reply is always the same: of course, it’s JYJ!!!
By the time the lights go down and In Heaven MV starts playing on screen, the audience goes crazy screaming and waving the red lightsticks. The setlist is the same as Barcelona. No Nine, Boy’s Letter and You’re, but the amazingness of the rest makes up for it :’)
One thing I really feel like praising a lot is the stage and the props. There’s a higher platform behind the main stage, from where the guys come out and where the crew dances. The show starts with streaks of FIRE coming out from the edge of the stage 0.0 It’s an amazing effect, all the more cos no one was expecting it! Plus we get the smoke, and the soap bubbles for Chajatta andddd *drumroll* a shower of confetti for the finale! Epic *.*
There’s also 3 screens in the venue – the biggest one behind the main stage, the other 2 smaller ones at the sides – and the camera work is really nice too.
I’m really near the stage this time, I can see the guys up close *.* and I’m in front of Jae, with a good view of both Su and Chun as well! It was forbidden to us to stand up inside the venue, except if the guys asked for it themselves, so most of the concert is spent sitting in our chairs. I know many complained about this but I’m actually happy cos I get to see the boys really well without tall people jumping and blocking my view, and I can concentrate even more on the smaller details…I can almost count the drops of sweat on the boys (ok that sounded gross, but you get the idea). I can finally check out *cough* Junsu’s butt *cough* (come on, I couldn’t possibly neglect such a sight. Ayyy Girl and Mission hip thrusts? Totally nosebleed-worthy), Chun’s flirty smiles to the audience and Junsu’s sunny ones (oh kid, you’re so precious I can’t even ;A; You keep messing up my bias list), and why not, Jae’s pecs and tattoo that plays pick-a-boo with the audience from the low cut of Jae’s shirt (I was so not ogling his chest, oh no I totally wasn’t). I better stop before saying that when Jae bent down the tee cut went so low I could see a bit of the sixpa….oops I’ll shut up now eheh. Btw kid, wth do you do with your elbows every time? They’re always scraped 0.o
I can finally confirm what other fans have been saying all along: the 3 are equally amazing in different aspects, Jae looks so beautiful he almost looks unreal, Chun works the crowd like no other and this I had already noticed in Barcelona (he flirts and smiles a lot to the camera here), but Junsu….oh Junsu. Now that I’m close enough to experience it, it’s true. Many said he really makes contact with the crowd, connects with it. I don’t know how he does it, but you can’t take your eyes off him. Like a magnet. And he looks at the crowd, like really LOOKS and SEES you. It’s a incredible, the feeling that he’s performing for us, concentrating on us. wow. Jae is more detached in this sense, he usually looks straight in the distance but once I catch a stare in the direction of our row of seats (I was right beside the central isle so I just kept leaning out from there to see better xD) and I just…die. His gaze is so powerful! And intense. I feel frozen on the spot for a sec O:

After the guys start with a bang with Empty and Pierrot, they proceed to introduce themselves. I’m in no way an expert of the German language, but even like this, their pronunciation is so cute! They all pronounce “danke” (=thanks) as “dank” without the “e” at the end LMAO and Junsu’s German is…incomprehensible, sorry bb xD
A bit of the usual small talk and then Chun tells us how some days before they’ve gone to a German bar with the staff and man, he’s noticed that German girls are so – tall!! (trust Chun to look around and notice the ladies…lol) …and of course, they’re very sexy. (crazy screaming ensues) #smooth!Chun. Jaejoong reiterates asking “Why are German girls so tall?! Men should be taller! I’ll have to wear higher shoes T_T”
Plenty of Jaesu moments this time. Every time it’s talk time and the MCs ask a question (there’s two, a man and a woman; luckily they speak in English, so we all get what they’re saying) Jae and Chun just stall and look at Junsu, pressuring him into saying something, Jae patting Su in the back to push him to talk xD Even when he jumps from the platform behind to the main stage, he lands with his hand on Su’s back ^^ and crowd cheering everytime (we’re all suckers for fanservice, aren’t we)
Be My Girl is always one of my fave moments (me ❤ the flashmob). First there’s Junsu’s very own hip moves which are one of highlights of the song, then the remix starts and we’re all jumping and doing the wave for the guys, cos since Chun shouts “EVERYBODY STAND UPPPP” (he loves to scream to the crowd, doesn’t he :P) we’re allowed to jump off from our seats and join the choreo 😛 oh and btw Jae, ICWUDT. You totally got the moves wrong at one point! He caused a bit of confusion among the fans who were following him, but he tried to dissimulate like a boss xD
Solos time. Chun’s is sex-ay as usual, and we can really see the guys have good chemistry with the European crew, despite having worked with them for only a short time now.
Then comes Jae’s, and the venue becomes a sea of green O: I’m some seconds late on this cos when the solo starts I’m still trying to bend that damn plastic thing to light it up >.<
Finally, Su’s. I could go on for days describing how amazing he is and how well he works the crowd. Plus his adorable smiles ^///^ When he sings the “You Are So Beautiful” line me and my friend point right at him xD
Talk time again. And it’s full of golden moments! First question is: “What would you like the audience to take home with them from JYJ’s concert?” Chun: *ponders a bit* “well more than anything….Junsu’s behind” (lmao poor embarassed MC didn’t know how to translate this). Amidst the crazy roaring of the crowd Chun even has the nerve to say “…sorry about this :P” oh you’re so not, Mr Park, and we know it xD Jae then confirms “yeah, that’d be Junsu’s butt of course”. Forever Trolled Junsu can only play along his bullies and agree, showing his S line off /nosebleeds all around.
It’s time to show off some of the German the guys have learnt before coming here. This segment is always bound to make quite an impact on the crowd, and this time is no exception. Junsu starts off proclaiming “Ich liebe dich” (=I love you) to the audience, with a so-wrong-yet-so-cute pronunciation. Then he reiterates with “Ich liebe euch” (= I love you all) and “Alles klar?” (=Is everything okay?). He is so good with Spanish, and yet so bad with German, lmao ❤
Chun’s part is by far my fave one for the talk. He starts off strong saying you have to be careful about using this German expression…and I’m like “omg is he gonna say a swearword or what xD” and then he goes “Wass Geht!” (=wassup!), complete with the gangsta move with his hand. Oh you’re so badass, Mr. Park xD The noise from the audience is deafening, even before the MC translates the words for us. Especially since Junsu joins Chun’s little antics and starts “wass-geht”-ing with him on stage. Jae in caught in the middle of YooSu playing and can only double over LOLing. Oh you adorkable things, ilu ❤ I bet Wass Geht is going to be the new buzz word in this fandom xD
Next up is Jae, who admits feeling pressured cos the sentence he’s prepared is really not funny at all (and he’s quite right lol). His German phrase is “Berlin, wo seid ihr?” (=Berlin, where are you?).
Then the topic of conversation shifts to German food. What have the guys eaten at the German bar? Yoochun: “Uhmmm…beer” (lmao Chun that’s not food) “and sausages”. Jae: “I ate sausages too. And beer. And uhmmm…tequila? (lol. Tequila as German food. Oh Jae xD your pronunciation is a-doh-ra-ble). Schnitzel too. It was all really good, but I think I gained some weight after eating the sausages >.<”
Junsu apparently talks about some kind of bread, but the MC mistranslates it as “banana” and we are all like “WTH why is he talking about German bananas 0.o”. Girl who shouted “bambabyaaaa” right after this, whoever you are, bravo to you lolz
After Chajatta (which Junsu introduces using its English title :D) it’s time for a great surprise, at least for me and the other people who attended the Barcelona concert. I was really…not expecting this :’) The venue goes black again, a VTR starts playing….and to the tune of Pierrot, it’s the Venetian Towers in Plaça d’Espanya I’m seeing on screen!!! I can’t help screaming like crazy, I can’t believe during this week the staff had the time to edit a video with the images from the Barcelona stop *.* and from the crowd’s reactions, everyone’s appreciating this new, unexpected treat from the guys. We get to see them walking around Barcelona, going shopping, playing with each other and finally, a view of the audience at the Poble during the concert night! I can’t help yelling OMG I WAS THERRREEEE. I’m moved, honestly :’) It’s like relieving that wonderful experience all over again. Then the music changes to You’re So Beautiful and we see the guys going sightseeing in Berlin. I recognize half of the things shown on screen, the pub-bicycle, Straße des 17 Juni, the Reichstag, even the (hot) guy dressed up as a German soldier who always poses with tourists before the Brandeburg Gate eheh. “JYJ. 2011 European Tour” <333
IDS and Be The One are next, followed by Fallen Leaves (too bad the mic system seems to have issues that night, Chun’s especially. We can’t almost hear him at all during his verse). Mission starts, and the mics are not behaving :’D Chun keeps adjusting his and Junsu’s headpiece just flies on the floor after a bit.  But Su is a pro, pretends like nothing happened and proceeds to get it back so fluidly during the choreo, I barely notice it 0.0 I’m actually happy I get to see with my own eyes how the guys adjust easily to anything unexpected might happen on stage 😛
I think I’ll never get tired of seeing them dance their fast songs… and the hips moves on the floor are much appreciated, especially seen up close XQ__ .
It’s time for the last talk before In Heaven. Jae tell us Mission was composed by Junsu and starts complaining about the fact that he added the “One more time” part, thus making the song longer and more physically challenging xD (teasing, teasing, always teasing that poor kid)
The topic switches to their dramas/musicals.
Yoochun: “Did you all see the dramas here in Germany?” YES! “With your computers?” well duh, Chun xD It’s not like they air it on prime time here :’D
Poor Junsu naively recounts how he was so happy to come to Berlin cos he wanted to meet Mr. Levay, but he’s discovered the composer doesn’t live near here. Lmao not everyone lives in the capital, ya know xD
JYJ announce it’s time for their last song (I don’t even know why they bother trying to trick us anymore lol) and this of course triggers the usual sounds of protest and dismay from the crowd (I know you secretly enjoy seeing that, Jae, you sneaky thing, with that smug smile of yours xD): audience screaming “NO!!!”, making “X” signs with their hands, ultimately chanting “KAJIMA! KAJIMA!” in an attempt to convince the boys to prolong their performance. Jae even teases us, mimicking our high-pitched screams (can’t be offended, he sounded too cute <3). He’s only wearing his black sleeveless top and I have to say, he’s really a sight to behold XQ__ he must’ve worked out quite a bit recently and his arms are so pale, not just his face! Milky skin indeed.
The guys perform In Heaven (I’m proud to say the white ocean project was without a doubt, 100% successful :D) and leave the stage.
While waiting for them to come back,  we chant “JYJ!JYJ!JYJ!” which at some point morphs into “SA-RAN-GHAE!SA-RAN-GHAE!” mixed with the loud stomping of feet over the stairs, courtesy of the fans sitting on the upper floors. The effect and the view from where I am is more than a little epic <333
The guys perform Get Out, then it’s time for the very last song of the night, Empty remix.
Chun coaxes us out of our seats and we jump out of them faster than the speed of light xD We are all well aware these are the last minutes we get to spend with the guys and we have to take advantage of it at its fullest! Unexpectedly a shower of silver confetti falls down from the roof during the chorus, it’s magical *.* Am I dreaming or what? Are JYJ really in front of me, performing? Still up to this point, I can’t fully realize just how lucky I am to be right here, right now. It’s funny when the confetti start sticking to the guys’ faces, first on Junsu’s cheeks, then on Jae’s face and arm…they almost look like a Venetian mask on him lol
The confetti shower has its downside too though, cos it makes the stage extra slippery and during his dance solo Junsu only manages to do half a handstand before his hand slips on the silvery bits on the floor. The dancers face the same problem during their show but they manage to put up with it brilliantly improvising and using the confetti as a prop, throwing it in the air and blowing it to the audience. I’ve probably already said it, but I really like this dance crew and their attitude 🙂
The music ends. JYJ & dance crew hold their hands, bow to us, wave and leave the stage. The best week of my life has just ended. /let the cryfest begin

…lol, not actually. Not right away, at least. Cos there’s the excitement and the adrenaline still running and we sing, and talk, and spazz, and we cannot stop commenting on the amazing show we’ve just seen. The crowd starts flowing out of the Tempodrom. I hang around a bit with Loretta and the other Italian girls, take pics, then go meet Liz, Yashi and Patricia. Everyone runs away pretty soon (since apparently, the guys’s car is coming out of the back entrance) but we stay there for long, talking, sharing our impressions about the concert (the Wass Geht thing is a big hit xD) til it’s 11 PM already and it’s time to bid goodbye for real 😦 everyone heads back to their hotel and the unforgiving JYJ withdrawal symptoms start hitting already as soon as I’m in my room (I was actually kinda sniffing melancholically on my way to the hotel :’D). At least I have my Tlist to share my fresh concert memories with 😛

The next day it’s already time to leave Germany. I go sightseeing for the last time in the morning, then take a taxi to Tegel airport where I meet Liz who’s waiting for her plane to Belgium. We spend an enjoyable two hours watching her fancams (she filmed the entire concert – in HQ *.*).
I land in Milan Malpensa at night with an undeniable air of melancholy but a heart full of beautiful memories and the consciousness of having experienced something beyond amazing.

The best week of my life.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this, all the great girls I’ve met, and JYJ who are amazing simply being who they are.

I’ll take your word for it guys, and I’ll be waiting for you to come to Europe again next year!

We miss you already <333

Micaela @michytav

Videos coming soon…

@Credits: @michytav/MicaelaDOT_Italy ; JYJDots.

Feel free to share but keep the credits on!

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