DOTS100- JYJIFC Letter To Media + Twitter Campaign


To: South Korean Press, Media, Journalists, etcetera,

We the JYJ International Fans Coalition (JYJIFC), seek your assistance in forwarding the requests of the JYJ global fandom to South Korean Broadcast Stations, e.g. SBS, KBS, MBC, Mnet, etc.

As representatives of the JYJ fandom:

A. We request the South Korean broadcast stations to respect the new FTC standards, in regards to singers’ freedom of choice in TV show appearances. The FTC standards ban South Korean Entertainment Companies from controlling K-pop singers, TV and radio appearances, on any music/entertainment program show. This means there should be no outside influence on broadcast stations anymore, in regards to JYJ’s appearance on any music or variety program.

B. We appeal to the Broadcast Stations sense of fairness and objectivity, to admit that JYJ has the equal right to appear on music shows, variety programs, and other entertainment programs, just like all other artists in the Korean entertainment industry. JYJ earns this right by virtue of their chart topping sales, millions of views on YouTube, a huge fandom at home and abroad who want to see them. And their numerous, significant contributions in promoting Korea, both at home and internationally. The members of JYJ have an ever growing fan base, which is at the present time, growing more and more frustrated and outraged at continuing to be denied the right to see and hear them on Korean airwaves.

C. We refer you to the Korean Communications Commission (KCC) Broadcasting Act Chapter 1 – Articles 3, 5, and 6. Of which, pertinent sections are provided thus with:

Article 3 (Protection of Rights and Interests of Viewers)
A broadcasting business operator shall make the viewers to be able to participate in decision-making with regard to planning, programming or producing broadcast programs, and shall make the results of broadcasts to comply with the viewers’ interests.

Article 5 (Public Responsibility of Broadcasting)
(2). A broadcast shall contribute to the unity of the people to a harmonious development of the State and a democratic formation of the public opinion, and shall not promote any discords among regions, generations, classes and sexes.
(3). A broadcast shall not injure other’s reputation or infringe on other’s rights.

Article 6 (Impartiality and Public Interest Nature of Broadcasting)
(3). A broadcast shall respect the ethical and emotional sentiments of the people, and contribute to the safeguard of the fundamental rights of the people and the advancement of international friendship.
(4). A broadcast shall protect, extend the people’s right to knowledge and freedom of expression.
(5). A broadcast shall strive to faithfully reflect the interests of the groups or classes that are relatively small in number or at a disadvantage in realization of the pursuit of their interests.

The JYJ international fandom makes the following demands to the South Korean Broadcast Stations:

We petition the broadcast stations in South Korea, to give the artists JYJ, individually, known as Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, and Kim Junsu the following:

1. Their well-earned and deserved right to appear on TV, radio and all other applicable avenues, to perform and promote their music.

2. Equal opportunities to be included on music charts, as may be rightfully deserved, commensurate with sales and in nominations related to official music award ceremonies; as well as to receiving invitations to attend these ceremonies, as deserved.

We do not ask for special treatment for JYJ. We simply ask for what is fair, to allow them to compete fairly, in the entertainment marketplace.

We, the JYJ fandom, have watched with great concern and growing distress, the treatment JYJ has endured these last three and a half years. The South Korean broadcast stations excuse for excluding JYJ, was the ongoing legal dispute between JYJ and their former agency. Since, that dispute has been resolved and JYJ vindicated, there should no longer be a hindrance to JYJ receiving the same opportunities afforded to other South Korean Entertainers.

As a loyal fan base, like those of other Korean artists, we have the same desires to see and hear JYJ on the same programs the others appear on. We, JYJ fans in the diaspora, join with our fellow Korean fan family, in demanding an end to the blocking/blacklisting of Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun, and Kim Junsu.

We want the South Korean broadcast stations to understand, we are keeping our eyes and ears open. We are not going away. We seek justice and equity for JYJ.

Thank you in advance, for your heeding our request, in getting the message out. Please help publicize this request, in your articles/publications etc. Your anticipated assistance is greatly appreciated.

Signed by:
JYJ International Fans Coalition (JYJIFC) –

Tweet Campaign

Twitter Message (copy and paste both in Korean and English) :

동등하게 무대에 나갈수있도록 JYJ의 권리가 회복되게 도와주세요

Please help restore JYJ’s rights to participate on an even playing field.

Twitter Addresses:

Source: JYJIFC
Shared by: JYJDOTSInternational

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