DOTS101- JYJIFC Letter to Fans


Dear JYJ fans,

Act Now For JYJ. Get involved!

As demonstrated, JYJ are courageous individuals who took action to defend their own human rights and by extension the rights of all their fellow artists in S.Korea. Because of that, they continue to pay the price, blacklisted industry-wide to silence their brave voice. We cannot let their actions go for naught.  We, their International fans, can make a difference!

JYJ Global Ad Promotion (JYJ GAP) is our way of taking action on their behalf because;

  • Telling JYJ that they are not standing alone is important to us.               Like their Korean and Japanese fans, we want to tell them we the International fans are here too! 
  • We want to tell the relevant authorities in South Korea, JYJ are human rights champions whose freedom matters, whose livelihood and music matters. We, the International fans are watching.

We understand the reservations of not hurting JYJ’s prospects and the cultural sensitivities involved. We also understand that they are doing very well as artists individually. But as seen and expressed at Tokyo Dome concerts, it’s important to them and to us that they be three as JYJ too! We want their music essay complete, as JYJ and as individual artists, and for their music to continue to live on the Korean airwaves and everywhere. This is why we launched the JYJ GAP campaign, to have our international presence felt and being visible in South Korea, and hopefully we can trigger The Beginning. JYJ GAP will complement the We Support Your Youth campaign ( initiated by the Korean Fan Clubs.

We are proposing the most cost effective advertisement, like running a 30/40 seconds video ad in Seoul’s subway stations and at strategic intersections or newspaper ad in the free daily The Metro or through web portals, or something similar that would not be too prohibitively expensive but yet effective. Ultimately, the deciding factor on our choice of ads would undoubtedly be on the total donations collected. (Kindly refer to on the ads and costs and on donation received, to have an idea of where we stand now.)

For the above reasons, we need all fans to be activist, we also need financial assistance. Donations are the lifeblood of the JYJ GAP campaign. We can only rely on fans’ generosity to create this ad campaign.

Add your voice, your name, so that many thousands of JYJ fans from around the world can say; I believe in human rights and I demand you take action to protect human rights. That’s how we can protect JYJ and our rights as fans too!

Donations can be made at using your PayPal a/c  or a one time payment using your credit cards through PayPal as per instructions

For those who do not have credit cards, we would appreciate if you could ask a friend’s assistance on using their credit cards, or you could contact your local Fan Club to effect the donation, and submit the details (name, Fan Club, amount) of your contributions to for our records and compilation.

For further information or assistance, you can contact us at or visit us at

Thank you and we’re counting on your support.  Donate Now For The JYJ Global Ad Promotion!


Source: JYJIFC
Shared by: JYJDOTSInternational
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