Official Launching Announcement of JYJ DOTS International

Dear JYJ fans around the world,


We are happy to announce that JYJ DOTS International will take its first steps today to connect JYJ fans around the world.

Our precious boys – Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu – have been our love for over 7 years. International fans, however, have experienced a lack of information due to the language barriers and poor communication between fans from different countries. While English-speaking fans can visit English-based K-pop sites and blogs, most fans who cannot speak English stay within their small domestic community. Oftentimes, they are losing great opportunities to enjoy our boys’ artistic charms. Lack of information has also made fans vulnerable to rumors of every kind.

To address this problem, the recruitment of international JYJ DOTS was announced a couple of weeks ago. JYJ DOTS International is a network of fans who are dedicated to facilitating the flow of information into non-English speaking fans around the world.

Among the 103 applicants from 28 countries, just 29 first round DOTS were chosen.

The first round DOTS are from 18 countries, and use 14 languages.

First Round (Jan 24 ~ March 15) DOTS Finalists:

name: DOT id

Bom-i: BomiDOT_Argentina
Shizu: ShizuDOT_Argentina
Joker: JokerDOT_Argentina
Pierrot: PierrotDOT_Argentina

Ruby: RubyDOT_Croatia

Yuki-chan: YukichanDOT_France
Kenoa: KenoaDOT_France
Marie: MarieDOT_France

Yiru: YiRuDOT_Indonesia
Rie: rieDOT_Indonesia

Nisei: NiseiDOT_Japan

Eugene: EugeneDOT_Korea

Raiwada: RaiwadaDOT_Malaysia
ailovemocha: aiDOT_Malaysia

Mauritius Island
Sandra: SandraDOT_Mauritius_Island

Hazuki Jung: HazukiDOT_Mexico

Isa: IsaDOT_Peru

Puerto Rico
Ingrid: IngridDOT_Puerto_Rico

Summer: summerDOT_Philippines

mjjejesupporter: LyaDOT_Singapore

Marta: blue~AkaneDOT_Spain

Pobky: PobkyDOT_Thailand
minnappe: minnappeDOT_Thailand

Esra: EsraDOT_Turkey

Crystal Anh: CrystalDOT_Vietnam
K: KDOT_Vietnam

Melissa: MelissaDOT_USA
music_6: MusicDOT_USA

DOT that does not want to expose their country. ^^
Min: MinDOT_Intl

We strive to work as messengers, or DOTS, to pass information to every corner of the world – wherever there is a JYJ fan.

1. What DOTS do:

We convey information about JYJ, Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun and coordinate international project to promote their artistic activities and defend them with credible information from groundless rumors.

2. What DOTS are NOT:

We are NOT representatives of our respective countries. We are neither power-bloggers, masters of the fan club, nor masters of fansites.

3. What DOTS are:

We are just like small dots; but by sharing information, we are seeking to connect JYJ fans around the world. Our official postings will be posted in 14 languages in each country’s fansites with the DOTS signature. Only officially approved postings will have the DOTS signature, and individual DOTS will not use DOTS name to express her own idea.

The next round of DOTS recruitment will be in March.

If your country is not on the list and you wish to join us, please send us email.

Chinese and Japanese fans are being recruited now.


Official Blog: https://jyjdotsinternational.wordpress.com

Official Email: jyjdotsinternational@gmail.com

Twitters for each language:

Headquarters @JYJDOTS_intl

Chinese @JYJDOTSch

Croatian @JYJDOTShr

Filipino @JYJDOTSpinoy

French @JYJDOTSfr

Indonesian @JYJDOTSid

Japanese @JYJDOTSjp

Korean @JYJDOTSkr

Malay @JYJDOTSmy

Spanish(Spain) @JYJDOTSes

Spanish(Latin America) @JYJDOTSspLA


Turkish @JYJDOTStr

Vietnamese @JYJDOTSvn


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